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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 0-2 Remote control operation

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If you want to remote control the car by Bluetooth APP, you need to complete the following  steps.

!!!Note:Please do not use the microbit online programming to open the Bluetooth program, otherwise there will be an error. If you want to use the Bluetooth remote control, please directly copy the hex file we provided to the microbit U disk.

1.Get Bluetooth APP Method:

Android Please use the browser to scan the QR code to download and install or Download: micro:bit Bluetooth APP ; Apple please use camera to scan the QR code to enter the APP Store to download and install or search for "Mbit" or "Yahboom" in the APP Store. As shown in figure below.


2. Download the Bluetooth remote control code we provided to the Micro:bit board. You can see that the robot's dot matrix shows an "S" as shown in Figure 1.1, this is a state where Bluetooth is not connected.

Download: micro:bit Bluetooth remote control code

3.Then you need to turn on Bluetooth of your Android phone, open the Bluetooth remote control APP as shown in Figure 1.2.

4.Bluetooth is automatically connected when the Mobile phone is near the robot. You also can click “CONNECT” to connect, as shown in Figure 1.3.

5.After successful connection, you can enter the main control page and control the robot. As shown in Figure 1.4.


Figure 1.1 


Figure 1.2                                


Figure 1.3   


Figure 1.4               

0-2.Remote control operation
Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 0-2 Remote control operation
0-2-2. Bluetooth APP manual matching tutorial                            


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