Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Based on Arduino Tutorial

Posted by Fiona Su on

This is a programmable robot with a unique box shape, the size is about 100mm*87mm*70mm. The whole vehicle is composed of three PCB boards and three acrylic plates. Two wheels, the universal wheel and the PCB driver board are fixed by rivets, no need screw, no need welding.

The following are some Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Based on Arduino Tutorial:

0. Installation video

1. First Trial

2. Preparation before class

3. Basic course

4. Expand course

5. Arduino IDE course

6. Remote control course

7.Charging and battery

8. Omibox Fighting version

A. Wrestle Omibox

B. Sweep Omibox

C. Battleax Omibox

D. Defense Omibox

E. Throw Omibox

F. Catch Omibox



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