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Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit 1. Installation of CH340 Drive

Posted by SuFiona on

Welcome to Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Tutorial 1. Installation of CH340 Drive Tutorial.

Download: Uart drive(CH340).rar

1.Enter to the Uart drive (CH340) folder we provided, you will see CH341SER.EXE. Double clicking on this application will bring up the interface as shown below, we need to click 【INSTALL】.



2.We need to wait patiently until the screen of the driver installation is successful, indicating that the installation is complete, we need to click [OK].

3. Connect the OmiBox robot to the computer with the USB cable and power up the OmiBox robot. Then open the computer device manager and you will recognize the corresponding CH340 port, as shown below:


Note: The port number of each computer will be different, as long as it recognizes that CH340 is the port we need.


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