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Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Basic Course 3.6 Voice alarm

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Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Basic Course 3.6 Voice alarm

1. Preparation

1-1. The position of the MIC in the robot car

1-2. Learn how to use MIC graphically program building blocks


As shown in the figure above, we circled the red wire frame with the MIC, and we can use it  by programming.

2. Learning goals

In this lesson, we will learn how to use the MIC. When the sound intensity reaches the corresponding value, the buzzer will sound and alarm.

3. Search for blocks

The following is the location of the building blocks required for this programming.


4. Combine blocks

The summary program is shown below:


You can get the output value of the MIC in the current environment and modify the parameters in the program as follows.

1.Write the program shown below to display the value of the sound sensor output on the dot matrix.


2. Record the value A1 displayed on the dot matrix  in a quiet environment, then make the Omibox in a noisy environment, or take a breath at the sound sensor of the  Omibox, observe and record the value A2 displayed on the dot matrix. 

3. The threshold is a value in the middle of A1, A2.


5. Experimental phenomena

After the program is uploaded, opem the power of the car, the buzzer of the car will not make a sound. When we breathe a breath at the sound sensor, the buzzer will make a sound.

!!!Note: This experiment needs to be carried out in a quiet environment to reduce surrounding environment interferes with the sound sensor.

The code of the experiment: 6.Voice alarm.rar


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