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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 1.3 Lesson 3 “Flowing sand”

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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 1.3 Lesson 3 “Flowing sand”

1.Learning goals


image.png image.pngimage.png

When you download the program, the micro:bit board will show a smile first when it is put up (the dot matrix is facing up). Shake can show a plate of sand. Tilt to the left and the sand sink to the left, tilt right and to right, tilt down and to the bottom, tilt to up and to above. Look at it, it's not like a flow of sand?



●  1 X Micro: bit Board

●  1 X Micro USB Cable

●  2 X AAA batteries

Then the micro:bit is connected to the computer through USB, and the computer will pop up a U disk and click the URL in the U disk to enter the programming interface.

3.Search for blocks



4.Search for blocks




Accelerometer is used to measure the deflection of physical quantities, such as tilt inversion and other azimuth deflection. It can accurately determine the actual actions of users, and send some instructions to micro:bit through these actions he collected. There are many places involved in accelerometer. For example, we can make some small games with accelerometer.For example, dice game, snake game is achieved through micro:bit accelerometer.

The code of the experiment: Lesson 3 Flowing sand.rar

1. Basic Lesson


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