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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 1.4 Lesson 4 “DIY thermometer ”

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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 1.4 Lesson 4 “DIY thermometer ”

1.Learning goals



After you have downloaded the program, you can see the value of the temperature on the micro:bit's dot matrix to the left. At present, the teacher has measured the temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The students can try to see how much the temperature is around you.



●  Micro: bit Board X 1

●  Micro USB Cable X 1

●  AAA batteries X 2

Then the micro:bit is connected to the computer through USB, and the computer will pop up a U disk and click the URL in the U disk to enter the programming interface.

3.Search for blocks



4.Combine blocks



Temperature is the physical quantity that represents the degree of cold and heat of a body. Microscopically speaking, it is the intensity of the thermal movement of an object molecule. In this experiment, we measured the Celsius temperature. The inventor was Anders Celsius, the freezing point was 0 degrees, and the boiling point was 99.974 degrees. So what are your temperature now, children?


The code of the experiment: Lesson 4 DIY thermometer.rar

1. Basic Lesson


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