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Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Expand Course 4.12 Color track

Posted by Fiona Su on

Yahboom Omibox Robot Kit Expand Course 4.12 Color track


1-1. The position of the Infrared  sensor and color recognition sensor in the robot car

1-2. Learn to understand the principle of  tracking

1-3. Learn how to combine color recognition with infrared tracking graphical programming blocks


As shown in the above picture, we circled the Infrared avoid sensor with two red wire frame, we circled the tracking sensor with two violet wire frame, we circled the color recognition sensor with a green wire frame. We can control them by programming.

2.Learning goals

In this lesson we learn how to make Omibox tracking, while the color recognition sensor detects the color of the track and displays it through the colorful lights.

3.Experimental principle

The basic principle of the tracking sensor is to use the reflective nature of the object. Our experiment is to tracking the black line. When the infrared light is emitted to the black line, it will be absorbed by the black line. When the infrared light is emitted to the other color line, it will reflected to the infrared receiver tube. 

When the tracking module of the robot car detects a black line, the indicator light is off, and the indicator light is on when a white (no black) object is detected. We write the corresponding code to complete the tracking function according to this point.


3.Experimental principle




For the tracking sensor, except for black, other colors of the material cannot absorb the infrared light emitted by the infrared emission tube, so when the tracking probe detects the color track, it is equivalent to recognizing the white color. Tracking experiments can be completed.

4.Search for blocks

The following is the location of the building blocks required for this programming.


5.Combine blocks

The summary program is shown below:


6. Experimental phenomena

After the program is uploaded, turn on the power of the robot, we can see that the car will travel along the color track, and the color of the colorful lights will change according to the color of the color track.

image.png image.png

!!!Note:In order to avoid the interference of sunlight on the infrared light, the experiment must be carried out indoors.

The code of the experiment: 12.Color track.rar




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