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Arduino RTR Balance Robot Manual Instructions

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Package list

Installation of battery

1. Remove the top layer of the acrylic board.
2. Install three 18650 batteries into the battery box.
3. Install the top layer of acrylic board to the original position.
4. Insert the green terminal of the battery box into the green power seat of the expansion board to supply the balance car normally.

    Starting procedure

    1. Hold the car with one hand on the smooth ground and keep it 90 degrees vertical to the ground.
    2. Turn on the power switch of the car with the other hand.
    3. After holding for 3 to 5 seconds, release your hand and the car will be in balance.
      Note:The car is not completely stationary when it is in equilibrium. It is balanced by moving slightly backwards and forwards.
      Bluetooth connection Please download Bluetooth APK before connection:


      Bluetooth remote control operation

      1.Turn on the balance car to ensure that the HC-06 Bluetooth module is powered normally ( the Bluetooth module indicator is flashing)
      2.Mobile phone setting.
      Find HC-06 Bluetooth device(98:xx:xx:xx), click to enter the password 0000 or 1234
      (currently only supports Android phones)

      3. open the mobile app to enter the APP interface, select the “bluetooth scan”, select the HC-06 bluetooth module just connected with physical address(98:xx:xx:xx).

      click the “connect” and wait for connection successful (at this time, the indicator of the bluetooth module is always on), then you can start the control.

      4. in the app operation interface, there are buttons for forward, backward, left turn, right turn, etc., and various functions are finished by the remote control of the mobile phone. You can also switch between gravity mode and joystick mode to control the car. Click the “PID” option on the right to view the current PID parameters of the car. Click the “wave” option on the right to view the current acceleration, gyroscope and voltage parameter of the car.
      5. Click “gravity” mode, and the car will enter the gravity control state.
      6. Click “rocker” mode, and the car will enter the rocker control state.
      7. Click “PID” option on the right side of the APP interface to view the parameters of the current car PID.
      8. Click “Wave” option on the right side of the APP interface and open the display option in the lower right corner.

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