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Charging and Battery

Posted by Fiona Su on

Charging and Battery


This is the interface for charging the 18650 battery. As shown below.


The other end of the charging cable needs to be connected to the USB interface of the computer. 

About Battery and charging:

1) The battery needs to be charged in time at around 3.7V. When the charging is completed, the battery voltage is about 4.2V.

2) Turn off the power switch of the expansion board during charging.

3) The charging device indicator lights up red, and the indicator light turns green when fully charged. As shown below.



4) If you do not use the it for a long time, you should unplug the battery cable . Because even if the it is in standby, the battery will be worn out.

5If you have not used the it for a long time, you need to fully charge the battery before using it next time.

6After charging is completed, the charger and power supply should be unplugged in time to avoid overcharging and damaging the battery


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