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Micro:bit Smart Robot Tutorial 3.9 Lesson 9 “Infrared control”

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Lesson 9 “Infrared control”

1.Learning goals


After you download the program, you can control the car by remote control.

Press the button in the box 1 to turn off the light.

Press the button in box 2, and you can light different colors of lights.

Press the buttons inside the box 3 can play different tones, and play a song for the score.

Press the buttons in the box 4 to display different patterns on the dot matrix.       

Isn't it fun? Try it.

Tips: Do you wonder if the infrared indicator is not lit when the infrared remote control is used. Is this remote control a bad one? No, the infrared remote controller can't see the eye of the infrared light. You can open the camera of the mobile phone and look at the light of the remote control by the camera. When you press the button, it shows a slight flicker. Of course. Some phones have the function of filtering out the infrared light, which is also invisible.



●  1 X micro:bit robot

●  1 X USB cable

●  1 X Infrared controller

Then the micro:bit is connected to the computer through USB, and the computer will pop up a U disk and click the URL in the U disk to enter the programming interface. Input this URL https://github.com/lzty634158/yahboom_mbit_en to get the package.

3.Search for blocks




4.Combine blocks




This experiment must be carried out indoors to reduce interference from sunlight to infrared receiver.

The code of the experiment: Lesson 9 Infrared control.rar


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