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Self-balancing Car Kit For Arduino Robot Project 12: Steering Loop Control

Posted by Fiona Su on

The steering of the car also needs to be adjusted by the PD.
The balance robot is driven by the left and right motor speed difference to eliminate the deviation from the center of the road.
By adjusting the direction of the balancing robot and adding the balancing robot to the forward motion, the distance difference between the balancing robot and the center line can be gradually eliminated.
This process is a proportional P process, so the differential control of balance robot generally only needs simple proportional control to complete the direction control.
However, since the robot car itself is equipped with a relatively heavy object such as a battery, it has a large moment of inertia. It may occurs steering overshoot phenomenon during the adjustment process. If it is not suppressed, the balance robot will oversteer and fall down.

According to the experience of angle and speed control mentioned above, in order to eliminate the overshoot in the direction control of balance robot, it is necessary to increase the angle differential D control.


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