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4DOF Robot Arm Project 2: Joint Rotation and Pin Control Details

Posted by Fiona Su on

1)Joint Rotation and Servo Angle Settings

Name 180°
Servo 1(baseplate) Rotate toward the rightmost Rotate toward the leftmost
Servo 2(right side) Rocker arm connected to Servo 2 draws back stretch out
Servo 3(left side) Rocker arm connected to Servo 3 stretches out draw back
Servo 4(clamp claw) closed opened

2)Pin Control

Name IO Pin
Servo 1 (baseplate)
Servo 2 (right side) A0
Servo 3(left side) 6
Servo 4(clamp claw) 9
Right Joystick X A2
Right Joystick Y A5
Right Joystick Z (key) 7
Left Joystick X A3
Left Joystick Y A4
Left Joystick Z 8
D1/DAT of PS2 12
D0/CMD of PS2 10
CE/SEL of PS2  11
CLK of PS2 13


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