EASY plug Ultimate Starter Learning Kit Project 5: Buzzer clicking

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In this project, we’ll bridge the gap between the digital world and the analog world. We’ll be using a buzzer module that makes a small “click” when you apply voltage to it (try it!).
Component Required
  • EASY plug control board*1
  • EASY plug Passive Buzzer Module*1
  • RJ11 cable*1
  • USB cable*1
Component Introduction
We can use Arduino to make many interactive works of which the most commonly used is acoustic-optic display.
The buzzer we introduced here is a passive buzzer. It cannot be actuated by itself, but by external pulse frequencies.
Different frequencies produce different sounds. You can use Arduino to code the melody of a song, which is quite fun and simple.
  • Interface: Easy plug
  • Working voltage: 3.3-5v
  • Sensor type: digital

Connect It Up
Connect the EASY Plug passive buzzer module to control board using an RJ11 cable.


Upload the Code


What You Should See
Done uploading the code, you should be able to hear the buzzer module make a small “click”.



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