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EASY plug Ultimate Starter Learning Kit Project 12: RGB

Posted by Fiona Su on

This lesson we are going to show you shiny light color.
Component Required

  • EASY plug control board*1
  • EASY plug RGB module *1
  • RJ11 cable*1
  • USB cable*1

Component Introduction

EASY plug 2812 2x2 full color RGB module is a smart external control LED light source that integrates control circuit and lighting circuit.
Each LED has the same appearance as a 5050 LED bead, and each component is a pixel point.
The pixel point includes an intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping and amplifying driving circuit, as well as a high-precision internal oscillator and a 12V high-voltage programmable constant current control part, which effectively ensures that the color of the pixel point light is highly uniform.
The data protocol adopts the single-line return-to-zero code communication mode. After power-on and reset the pixel point, the S pin receives the data transmitted from the controller. And the 24-bit data are extracted by the first pixel and then sent to the data latch inside the pixel point.
LED has advantages of low voltage drive, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, wide scattering angle, good consistency, ultra low power, long life and so on.


  • Operating Voltage: DC5V
  • Power: 0.1W
  • Light Source: SMD 5050 RGB
  • IC model: 4 / WS2811
  • Gray level: 256 levels
  • Illumination angle: 180°
  • Luminous color: can be adjusted by the controller, white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.

Connect It Up


Upload the Code


What You Should See


After uploading the code, you should see the 4 RGB LEDs flash in different colors Red, Green, Blue.



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