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EASY plug Ultimate Starter Learning Kit Project 22: I receive a signal

Posted by Fiona Su on

Infrared devices are widely used, and often for remote controlled devices. With this IR receiver, your program project is now able to receive command from any IR remote controller. Next, let’s do a simple test.
Component Required

  • EASY plug control board*1
  • EASY plug IR Receiver Module *1
  • EASY plug LED Module *1
  • RJ11 cable*2
  • USB cable*1

Component Introduction

Infrared receiver is a component with functions of reception, amplification, and demodulation.
The internal IC has already been demodulated so that can directly output digital signal.
Well, it will be also easy to make your own IR controller using IR transmitter.

  • Socket: Easy plug
  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Interface:Digital
  • Modulate Frequency: 38Khz

Connect It Up
Connect the EASY Plug Infrared receiver module to control board using an RJ11 cable.


Upload the Code


What You Should See


Done uploading the code, when aiming at the IR receiver, press down the key on an IR remote controller, you should see the key decoding is displayed on the serial monitor. If long press the key, it will appear wrong code FFFFFFFF.



Little Knowledge:
This test can record all your remote control key decoding. So you can apply them to the next experiment to control LED lights.
Remote Controlled Light
Hookup Guide
Connect the EASY Plug Infrared receiver module and LED module to control board using RJ11 cables.


Test Code


What You Should See
Upload success, press the key 1 on your remote controller, LED lights up. Then press the key 2, LED is turned off.


Little Knowledge:
If you want to change another remote control key, you should be able to change your remote key decoding. Shown below.


After that, upload the code again and have a try.

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