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EASY PLUG Super Starter Kit For Arduino Project 8: detect whether there is a magnetic field

Posted by Fiona Su on

This arduino project will tell you how to detect whether there is a magnetic field nearby or not ? Use a reed switch module.
Component Required:
  • EASY plug control board*1
  • EASY plug Reed Switch Module *1
  • EASY plug LED Module *1
  • RJ11 cable*1
  • USB cable*1
Component Introduction:

Keyestudio EASY plug Reed Switch Module
This is a small device called a reed switch on the module.
When the device is exposed to a magnetic field, the two ferrous materials inside the switch pull together and the switch closes.
When the magnetic field is removed, the reeds separate and the switch opens. This makes for a great non-contact switch.
You can mount reed switch on the door for alarming purpose or as switches.
  • Interface: Easy plug
  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
  • Working current: ≥20mA
  • Working temperature: -10℃ to+50℃
  • Detection distance: ≤10mm

Connect It Up
Connect the EASY Plug Reed switch module and LED module to control board using RJ11 cables.


Upload the Code
Below is an example code.


What You Should See
If you put a magnetic bead close to the reed module, once the reed module detects the magnetic field, LED will turn on.



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