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Arduino Mega 2560 Project 26: Analog Rotation Sensor

Posted by Fiona Su on

This analog Rotation Sensor is arduino compatible. It is based on a potentiometer. Its voltage can be subdivided into 1024, easy to be connected to Arduino with our sensor shield. Combined with other sensors, we can make interesting projects by reading the analog value from the IO port.

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Interface: Analog
  • Size: 30*20mm
  • Weight: 8g

Connection Diagram:


Sample Code:

///Arduino Sample Code
void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600); //Set serial baud rate to 9600 bps
void loop()
int val;
val=analogRead(0);//Read rotation sensor value from analog 0
Serial.println(val,DEC);//Print the value to serial port

Project List

Buy it here>>Sensor Starter Kit For Arduino Mega 2560


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