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ARDUBLOCK Project 1: LED Blinking

Posted by Fiona Su on

This ARDUBLOCK project is one of the basic experiments, which can achieve LED blinking by graphical programming.
Materials Required:

  • 1. KEYESTUDIO UNO Control Board *1
  • 2. V5 Sensor Shield*1
  • 3. Piranha LED*1
  • 4. Female to Female Dupont Line*1

Connection Diagram:



After wiring, we can start programming. We will turn the LED on for one second, and off for one second. This program is simple and similar to one that comes with Arduino except it’s connected to digital pin 10 rather than 13.


Click “download to Arduino” to see the codes in Arduino interface.
Sample Code:

void setup()
  pinMode( 10 , OUTPUT);

void loop()
  digitalWrite( 10 , HIGH );
  delay( 1000 );
  digitalWrite( 10 , LOW );
  delay( 1000 );

Then, you can see the high brightness LED blinking. We have now finished this project!

Note: Arduino software selection On the TOOLS menu, select UNO. COM port selects the same serial port with the first installation. You cannot download program unless both requirements are met.

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