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ARDUBLOCK Project 6: Active Buzzer Sound Production

Posted by Fiona Su on

Buzzers are divided into active and passive buzzers. Active buzzer can produce sound normally when connecting directly to power supply, usually with stable frequency.
In this project, with active buzzer, we use graphical programming to make buzzer ring for 1s and stop for 1s, circulating like this.
Materials Required:

  • 1. KEYESTUDIO UNO Control Board *1
  • 2. V5 Sensor Shield*1
  • 3. Active Buzzer*1
  • 4. Female to Female Dupont Line*3

Connection Diagram:



After wiring, we can start programming.


Click “download to Arduino” to see the following codes in IDE interface:
Sample Code:

void setup()
  pinMode( 8 , OUTPUT);

void loop()
  digitalWrite( 8 , HIGH );
  delay( 1000 );
  digitalWrite( 8 , LOW );
  delay( 1000 );

Then buzzer rings for 1 second and stop for 1 second, circulating like this.

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