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ARDUBLOCK Project 21: MQ-2 Combustible Gas and Smoke Sensor

Posted by Fiona Su on

Arduino MQ-2 combustible gas sensor is mainly used to detect whether the gas leaks in industry and family. It can detect liquefied petroleum gas, methane, ethane, iso-butane, ethyl alcohol, hydrogen, smoke and ect. Potentiometer can be used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.
In this project, we use graphical programming to detect analog value of signal port of this sensor. When gases leak, the value increases and the LED is on .
Materials Required:

  • 1. KEYESTUDIO UNO Control Board *1
  • 2. V5 Sensor Shield*1
  • 3. MQ-2 Combustible Gas and Smoke Sensor*1
  • 4. Female to Female Dupont Line*3

Connection Diagram:



After wiring, we can start programming.


Click “download to Arduino” to see the following codes in IDE interface:
Sample Code:

void setup()

void loop()
  delay( 1000 );

After downloading program, you can use this sensor to detect whether the gas leaks. Open serial monitor, you can see the analog value of ambient gas. In this experiment, we detect the gas of a lighter. Open a lighter and close to the sensor after closing it, the analog increasing, and the red light on the sensor is on; the lighter away from this sensor, the analog value decreasing, the red light off.


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