Raspberry pi 4WD Robot First Trial

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If you purchased our Raspberry Pi 4WD Car, you need to perform the following steps:

For Yahboom image:

User name:pi

Password : yahboom


1. After the 4WD Car is assembled, you will need to download the Raspberry Pi image we provided.

Please click “Download ZIP” on Raspberry pi 4WD Car repository to download the image.


click the location as shown in the figure below, and download image we provided.

2. You need to extract Yahboom_Tank_4b_image.rar file. 

The specific steps are as follows:

Case1 --- For Windows computer. 

2.1 Download WinRAR software and install on your computer. Link:

Please download and install latest version of WinRAR software, Otherwise it will fail to decompress.

2.2 Select Yahboom_4WD_4B_image.rar file. As shown below.


2.3 Then, you can see the interface as shown below.


2.4 After extract is complete, you will get a Yahboom_4WD_4B_image folder with Yahboom_4WD_4B_image.img.As shown below.


Case2 --- For mac computer.

2.1 Download Unarchiver software and install it on your computer.

2.2 Select Yahboom_4WD_4B_image.rar file. "Open with"---"The Unarchivwer(default).

3. You need to burn the image to the Raspberry Pi SD card.

For the method of burning the image, please click the location as shown in the figure below, and read the contents carefully.

4. After the burning is completed, you need to insert the SD card into the card slot behind the Raspberry Pi, as shown in the figure below.


5. You need to connect the Raspberry Pi board to the 4WD expansion board by the 40PIN cable, as shown in the figure below.

 (Please ensure the correctness of the connection)



6. Android users scan the following QR code by browser  or search "YahboomRobot" in Play Store to download APP;

iOS users scan the following QR code by camera or search "YahboomRobot" in App Store to download APP.

As shown in figure below.

!!Note:Because the software is relatively large, the download takes a certain amount of time, please be patient.


Note:During installation, If you find any prompts on your phone (for example: location permissions of your phone). You must select "Yes".

7. After the APP is installed, open the Bluetooth of the your phone, open the power switch of the car, the red indicator of the Bluetooth module keeps flashing. (Please wait patiently for a while, the car needs a certain amount of time to start the process. When you hear the buzzer sound three times, and the servo is initialized and rotated, it will prove that the car is started, we can take the next step.)

8. Then, open the YahboomRobot APK. You will see the APK interface and we need to click on the top left corner of the APK to select the device as shown below.


9. Select 【4WD Robot】to enter the remote control interface, as shown below:


10. You will this interface as shown below. Click on the top right corner of the APK to connect bluetooth.


11. You can see bluetooth signal. Wait patiently, the phone will automatically connect to the Bluetooth near the car.


12.  Bluetooth can be successfully connected, and the APP will enter the interface as shown below. At the same time, the red indicator of the Bluetooth module will be keep on. You need to click”OK”.

image.png You will enter the interface as shown below.

image.png 13.  Click “CONTROL” to enter interface as shown below. Wait for the ultrasonic data to change, it prove that Bluetooth starts to transmit data normally. You can start to control the car. 

image.png 14.  Click “ SENSOR” to enter interface as shown below.

image.png 15.  Click “ MODE” to enter interface as shown below.

image.pngYou need to pay attention to the points, otherwise the Bluetooth remote control function will have problems.


1The robot car needs to have enough voltage to work properly. Please refer to the following figure for the charging method and battery usage:


(2)The Bluetooth module needs to be properly inserted into the expansion board of the car. As shown in the figure below. 

image.png 351/Arduino Download Switch on the expansion board must be set to [OFF]. As shown in the figure below. 

image.png (4) The ultrasonic module must be inserted. As shown in the figure below. 

image.png Please read our manual for introductions of Bluetooth remote control interface.

About camera:

If you want to use camera, you need to connect the camera and the Raspberry Pi motherboard correctly. The camera connection is as follows:


image.png Your phone must connect WiFi of the car. Aa shown below.

Name: Yahboom_Car

Password: 12345678


This WiFi is only used to transmit video and cannot be accessed online.

When you connect to WiFi, Click “RaspberryControl” you can see the picture taken by the camera on your mobile phone. 

IP address for image:


Video as shown below.



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