Robot Kit for Micro:bit 1.2 Bluetooth APP manual matching tutorial

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Robot Kit for Micro:bit 1.2 Bluetooth APP manual matching tutorial

1. When you want to control robot car by Bluetooth APK. Turn on the car power switch, turn on the Bluetooth of your phone , and open the Bluetooth APK, as shown below, if the Bluetooth signal is not seen in the upper left corner of the APP interface.

2. At this point, we enter the 【Settings】 option of the mobile phone, click the 【Bluetooth】 option to see if you can see the micro:bit Bluetooth device, as shown below.

3.Next, we need to start pairing Bluetooth. Simultaneously press and hold the A and B button on the micro:bit board, then press the reset button(Press the reset button then release it). We can see an animation on the micro:bit dot matrix, as shown in the left image below. After the animation display is complete, Bluetooth logo will appear on the dot matrix, as shown in the image to the right.

4. The micro:bit dot matrix appears a random dot pattern, as shown below.

5. After seeing this pattern appear, we need to release the A, B button at this time. Click on the micro:bit Bluetooth device option on the phone interface.

6. Then we can see that there is a micro:bit dot matrix, a left arrow. At the same time, the interface of the pairing password is displayed on the mobile phone interface.

7. We need to press the A button on the micro:bit board, then we can see that the micro:bit dot matrix will display some numbers (usually 6 digits). Remember these six numbers, they are Bluetooth pairing password.

8. Please enter the password you have entered into the phone pairing interface, then pair it. After successful pairing, you can see the status as shown below.

9. We return to the APP interface and click on the location in the upper right corner as shown below.

Bluetooth can be successfully connected.


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