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DOIT IR Control Tracked Tank Chassis with UNO R3 Board+Motor Drive Shield Board by Phone for DIY Robot Project

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This IR Control Tracked Tank Chassis with UNO R3 Board, is designed based on the Arduino uno board, together with 2-channel & 16-channel servo shield board to drive the tank and 4WD car. In addition, it has 1 infrared receiver module and 1 infrared remote control. By this way, you can control the car via IR control on mobile phone.

Provide source code, App and user manual.

More details, please visit: to download the source code and the documents.

Shipping List

  • 2-channel motor&16-channel servo shield board x1
  • Arduino UNO board x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • Infrared receiver module x1
  • Infrared remote control x1
  • Female to Female dupont line x40
  • Copper Pillars kit x1
  • battery box x1
  • mini T100 Tank Chassis(9V motor) x1