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New Ultimate Starter Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 4 Model B/ B+ with 32 Raspberry PiTutorial

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Raspberry Pi is a delicate card computer. This is a starter kit of Raspberry Pi, very suitable for zero-based raspberry pi enthusiasts. Through this kit, you can learn more about the knowledge of linux operating system, as well as C, python and other language programming based on the debian system of Raspberry Pi. This kit also provides you with some related sensors and modules applied to the Raspberry Pi .

We offer richer learning materials that allow you to learn about Raspberry Pi from scratch. The learning materials include the installation and usage of the Raspberry Pi related system, where also offer you the learning courses of Raspberry Pi collocated with some commonly used sensors and modules. It would be better If you are an arduino hobbyist because arduino and Raspberry Pi are the best partners. You can make more creative DIY works via arduino strong community support and rich third-party library resources, integrating into Raspberry Pi's powerful function support to motivate your creativity and inspiration!

This New Ultimate Starter Learning Kit for raspberry pi 3/4 will be suitable for professional maker, raspberry pi starters, developer, graduate,DIY class or hobbyist. 

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1,Product Description 1

2,Kit List 1

3,System Programming Corresponding Tool Library Installation 7

4,Log into Raspberry 10

5,Learning Courses 19

Lesson 1: Hello World 19

Lesson 2: LED Blinking 21

Lesson 3: Breathing LED 23

Lesson 4: Traffic Light 26

Lesson 5: LED Chasing Effect 28

Lesson 6: Button-controlled LED 30

Lesson 7: Passive Buzzer 32

Lesson 8: Active Buzzer 34

Lesson 9: Responder 36

Lesson 10: Flame Sensor 40

Lesson 11: Ball Tilt Sensor 42

Lesson 12: IR Remote Control 44

Lesson 13: 1-digit LED Segment Display 47

Lesson 14: 74HC595 52

Lesson 15: 4-digit LED Segment Display 55

Lesson 16: LED Matrix Display 63

Lesson 17: 1602 LCD 66

Lesson 18: RGB LED 71

Lesson 19: 9g Servo Control 74

Lesson 20: ULN2003 Stepper Motor 76

Lesson 21: Photo Resistor 80

Lesson 22: LM35 Temp Sensor 85

Lesson 23: pcf8591 89

Lesson 24: PIR Motion Sensor 94

Lesson 25: MQ-2 Analog Gas Sensor 96

Lesson 26: ADXL345 Acceleration Module 101

Lesson 27: Ultrasonic Sensor 107

Lesson 28: Joystick Module 110

Lesson 29: 5V Relay 115

Lesson 30: DHT11 Temp and Humidity Sensor 117

Lesson 31: Soil Humidity Sensor 120

Lesson 32: DS3231 Clock Module 125

6,Document Link 130

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