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4PCS NRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver RF Transceiver Module With Keyestudio Packing Box for Arduino

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This Transceiver Module kit includes 4 pcs of NRF24L01 wireless module.

The NRF24L01 chip used in the module is a single-chip wireless transceiver chip operating in the 2.4~2.5GHz world-wide ISM band. The output power, channel selection and protocol settings can be set via the SPI interface.

The supply voltage for this NRF24L01 wireless module is DC 3.3 V. The maximum transmit power is 0 dBm. The maximum data transfer rate is 2000 kbps.

The current consumption in transmitting mode (0 dBm) is 11.3 mA.

The current consumption in receiving mode (2000 kbps) is 12.3 mA.

The sensitivity is -85 dBm when data transfer rate is at 1000 kbps in receiving mode.

The current consumption is 900 nA in power-down mode.

The module comes with a curved antenna, set as 0 dBm, the communication distance can reach about 20-25m in an open field.

The NRF24L01 wireless module is a transmission module. Each module is both a transmitter and a receiver. So in general, you need to use two NRF24L01 wireless modules and two Arduino control boards to make a test.

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KS0338 (4)


1. When connecting to the PO port of 51 series microcontroller, it is necessary to add a pull-up resistor of 10K. No need for other ports

2. The wireless module is an electrostatic sensitive device. Please pay attention to electrostatic protection when using it. Especially in the dry winter, try not to touch the components on the module, avoiding unnecessary damage

3. It is recommended to use a small ripple DC power supply for the wireless module. The operating voltage is recommended to work at 3.3V. The grounding of the module should be stable and reliable, and the ground wire should be as close to the power source as possible

4. The module uses a PCB antenna, which will easily affected by external lines. When using it, do not walk or place the device underneath or under the antenna. If possible, it is best to hollow out

Product Parameters

1. Onboard comes with 2. 4G PCB antenna, ISM band, standard pin DIP 2. 54mm pitch interface compact size, easy for embedded applications

2. Support data reception of six channels(one to six)

3. Support GFSK/FSK and other common modulation methods

4. Support 2mbps/1mbps/250kbps data rate, and can set the different transmitted power.

5. Multi-frequency point: 126 frequency points, to meet the needs of multi-point communication andfrequency hopping communication 2400MHZ-2525MHZ, 1MHZ frequency stepping

6. Internally integrated with high PSRR LDO

7. Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.9-3.6V, Typical 3. 3V

8. The average transmitted current is as low as 25MA(7dbm)

9. Receiver sensitivity: -96dbm@250kbps

10. The highest transmitted power: +7+1dbm

11. Using a 4-wire SPI interface, with speed up to 10 MHZ

12. Internally integrated with intelligent ARQ Baseband Protocol Engine13 Received and transmitted data hardware interrupt output

14. Support 1bit RSSI output

15. Working temperature: -20-85

16 The best transmission distance: less than 240 meters(250kbp in open environment without ob-struction and electromagnetic interference)

The reliable distance is recommended to use within 30%-50%.