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Keyestudio 5V ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT V1.0 Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W/B+

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This is keyestudio ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT V1.0 shield designed for AI and voice applications. It is a low power stereo Codec based on the WM8960.

There are two microphones on the shield for sound collection, three APA102 RGB LEDs, one user button and two Grove connectors for application extension.

In addition, a 3.5mm audio jack or JST 2.0 speaker output can be used for audio output.

With this shield, you can build a more powerful and flexible voice product that integrates Amazon Amazona voice services, Google Assistant, and more.


1) Button: default connected to GPIO17

2) Mic L and Mic R: microphone (labeled LEFT and RIGHT)

3) RGB LED: three APA102 RGB LEDs, connected to the SPI interface of Raspberry Pi.

4) WM8960: Low Power Stereo Codec

5) Raspberry Pi 40 pin header: support the Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 1 B+, Raspberry Pi 2B and 3B.

6) POWER: Micro USB port that powers the ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT. Power the circuit board to supply enough current when use the speaker.

7) I2C: Grove I2C port, connected to I2C-1

8) GPIO12: Grove digital port, connected to GPIO12 and GPIO13

9) JST 2.0 SPEAKER OUT: connecting speakers, JST 2.0 connector

10) 3.5mm audio jack: connecting headphones or speakers with 3.5mm audio plug

KS0314 ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT V1 (2)KS0314 ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT V1 (8)

KS0314 ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT V1 (3)