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BBC micro:bit Board for Kids to learning Coding

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Micro:bit board is designed by BBC which aims to help children at or above 7 grade to learn programming better. Micro:bit board has abundant board resources, including a 5*5 LED metric dot array, 2 programmable buttons, Compass, USB ports, Bluetooth module etc.. It is only pocket size but very powerful. You can program, customize or control it as well. It only has plastic packaging bags without external packaging boxes, but we will present a transparent acrylic shell is tailor-designed for Micro:bit.




Operating Voltage


ARM Cortex-M0 CPU

Working temperature


Micro:bit board size


Weight 8.6g

Power supply voltage

Micro USB program download/power supply port: 5V

Interface Type Micro USB program download/power supply port

PH2.0 power interface: 3-3.3V

 PH 2.0 3V power supply port

Aligator clip interface: 3-3.3V

4mm alligator clip interface *5

Detection range: 0-3.3V

Edge connector pin *20


  • A variety of on-board modules
  • Expandable for additional sensors
  • Graphical programming and Python programming
  • Easy and smooth program uploading
  • Bluetooth wireless programming uploading
  • Bluetooth Wireless communication

Package list

Micro:bit board 


Basic USB package

Basic case package

Basic battery package

Basic:bit package

Super:bit package


Music package

LED package