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Keyestudio ESP8266 WI-FI Development Board +1M Micro USB Cable For Arduino (Chip is CP2102-GMR)

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This keyestudio ESP8266 WI-FI development board is based on the ESP8266-12FWIFI module developed by Ai-Thinker.

The processor ESP8266 integrates the industry-leading Tensilica L106 ultra-low-power 32-bit micro MCU in a smaller package, with 16-bit Lite mode. The main frequency supports 80MHz and 160 MHz.

It supports RTOS, integrated with Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA. Onboard comes with curved antenna.

This development board is a standalone network controller, which can add networking function to those existing devices.

When using, power the board and upload the program via a Micro USB port, and the current supply should be 2A.

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Technical Details

  • Microcontroller: ESP8266-12F WIFI Module
  • USB to Serial Chip: CP2102-GMR
  • Operating Voltage: DC5V
  • Input Current: 2A
  • Main frequency supports 80 MHz and 160 MHz
  • Analog Input Pins: 1(A0)
  • Micro USB cable: 1m
  • Dimensions: 49mm*26mm*12mm
  • Specialized Functions of Some Pins:
  • Serial communication pins: RX and TX
  • SPI communication pins: CLK(CLK); SD0(MIS0); CMD(MOSI); SD1(INT).
  • SD Card communication pins: D3(SD3); D2(SD2); D1(SD1); CMD(CMD); D0(SD0); CLK(CLK).
  • Analog output pin: A0
  • GPIO pins: D0(GPIO16); D1(GPIO5); D2(GPIO4); D3(GPIO0); D4(GPIO2); D5(GPIO14); D6(GPIO12); D7(GPIO13); D8(GPIO15); RX(GPIO3); TX(GPIO1); SD3(GPIO10); SD2(GPIO9)