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Sensor Starter Kit - K2 For Arduino Education Learning Programming With 19 Arduino Projects

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This Sensor Kit is an Arduino stater learning kit developed by Keyes. We provide detailed tutorials for each project or sensor module, including connection diagrams and sample codes, with which you will find it easy for you to complete every experiments. Besides, you can also find video tutorials of this kit on our official website.

Shipping List

  • arduino UNO R3 controller board x1
  • 18B20 temperature sensor module x1
  • IR Receiver Module x1
  • IR Transmitter Module x1
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor module x1
  • MQ-3 alcohol sensor module x1
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor module x1
  • Digital white LED module x1
  • Passive buzzer module x1
  • Knock sensor module x1
  • Tilt sensor module x1
  • Potentiometer 10K x 2
  • Passive buzzer x 1
  • Active buzzer x1
  • 830-hole Breadboard x1
  • Resistor 330R x 10
  • Resistor 1K x10
  • Resistor 10K x10
  • LED Red x5
  • LED Yellow x5
  • LED Green x5
  • Button x4
  • Button cap Blue x2
  • Button cap Yellow x2
  • Jumper wire x65
  • M-F Dupont wire 20cm x10
  • Resistor color code card x1
  • USB cable 0.5m x1
  • Component box x1


Project list


Arduino Sensor Starter Kit K2 Tutorials