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Raspberry TFT3.5 Touch Shield for Raspberry Pi /CE certification

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KS0214 3.5 (1)KS0214 3.5 (6)


  • Raspberry Pi 2Pi2Model B+ -Compatible, saving money for HDMI display
  • The same size as Pi 3, resolution at 320×480 to make display more clearly
  • Providing man-machine interface, with laminated cell to DIY freely
  • Supporting Raspbian to make your system compatible with soft keyboard(controlling operating system without mouse)

Program Writing

1.Writing an image to the SD card
In our supporting files, you will find the image file “2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie” which is an operation system come with a Desktop Environment.
You need to use an image writing tool like Win32DiskImager to install it on your SD card. Then write the image into your SD card.
2.Log in the Pi
Insert the SD Card and finally attach the power supply.
The Raspberry Pi will boot immediately. This will take a little bit more than a minute. Once the Pi is booted it will ask you for the username and the password.
By default the following log-in credentials can be used:

  • Username: pi
  • Password: raspberry

copy the LCD-show-160813.tar file and put it into the raspberry pi file through WinSCP. Type in this command to unzip the source code:

  • tar xfz LCD-show-160813.tar.gz
  • cd LCD-show-160813

Finally type this: sudo ./LCD-show-160813 to launch the program.
Once this is done, restart your Raspberry Pi:
sudo reboot





Touch the touchscreen to look at the information on your Pi as shown in below figure.



Installation Package:
Source Code:
PDF File: