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Keyestudio 4WD Robot V2.0 Kit Programming Smart Robot Car for Arduino

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The popularity of Maker Education has resulted in a variety of Maker products, some of which are combinations of electronic components and modules, and some are novel and innovative products.
The 4WD multifunctional smart car newly upgraded by the Keyi Group is one of the most popular categories: programming robots.
It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also powerful in function.Except for the commonly used functions of tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control, etc.,a facial expression is added too, you can DIY your own cute expression, amazing! If you think it’s not enough, you can add other sensors to complete your exploration journey.

Note: Due to the shipping reason,We'll ship the car in pieces, not an assembled set.and doesn't contain batteries.(we provided two type battery holder 18650 and AA)


  • Motor control is driven by L298P expansion board, built-in power control switch.
  • Ultrasonic module is used to detect whether there is front obstacles and the distance between the obstacle and the 4WD BT Robot Car. The 4WD BT Robot Car obstacle avoidance system is formed.
  • Motor’s Parameters: 5V 200 rpm/ min
  • Provide graphical programming test code and support Mixly.
  • Bluetooth wireless module can match with Bluetooth on mobile phone to remotely control the 4WD BT Robot Car, and supports Android and IOS system.
  • Can access to the external voltage 7~12V, and can carry various sensor modules, achieve all kinds of functions according to your imagination.
  • IR receiver module matches with IR remote control to control 4WD BT Robot Car


Shipping List

  • Keyestudio Arduino REV4 Board x1
  • Keyestudio quick connectors motor driver shield V2 x1
  • Keyestudio HM-10 Bluetooth-4.0 V3 compatible HC-06 pin x1
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor x1
  • Keyestudio quick connectors line tracking sensor x1
  • Keyestudio 8X16 LED light board with DuPont line x1
  • Keyestudio 9G 23*12.2*29mm black servo 180° with white mounts x1
  • Keyestudio JMFP-4 17 button 86*40*6.5MM yellow eco-friendly(without battery) x1
  • AM/BM clear blue OD:5.0 L=50cm eco-friendly x1
  • 18650 2-cell 15CM Dew line for DIY car+double headJST-PH2.0MM-2P wire(bus length115MM) x1
  • 6-cell AA with 15CM dew line + double head JST-PH2.0MM-2P cable (bus length 200MM) x1
  • Pan tilt mount(black) kit x1
  • Double head JST-PH2.0MM-5P 24AWG blue green yellow red black line 15CM x1
  • Double head JST-PH2.0MM-3P 24AWG yellow red black line 8CM
  • JST-PH2.0mm-4P to 2.54 DuPont female single 26AWG black red blue green line x1
  • The front acrylic board of 4WD car LED screen x1
  • Keyestudio 4WD smart car V2.0 Top PCB board x1
  • Keyestudio 4WD smart car V2.0 bottom PCB x1
  • Fixed parts 23*15*5MM 9MM pitch aluminum x4
  • Wheel 68*26mm Shaft inner diameter: 5.3*3.6mm Wheel hub: yellow Tire: black x4
  • M3*10MM dual-pass copper pillars x10
  • M3*40MM dual-pass copper pillar x4
  • M3*30MM round-head cross screw x8
  • M3*6MM round-head screw x40
  • M3 Nickel Plated Nut x16
  • M2X8MM round-head screw x6
  • M3*8MM round-head screw x4
  • M2 Nickel Plated Nut x6
  • 5V 200/rpm gear motor (with welding wire) x4
  • 3*40MM screwdriver x1
  • black Nylon cable 3*100MM x10
  • Winding tube diameter 8MM black x1