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Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit For Arduino with 26 Arduino Projects

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This arduino starter kit comes with 26 basic courses, which are completely arranged from the perspective of beginners. Each experiment has a necessary wiring diagram and example programs. In addition to the methods in the documentation, each experiment has a lot to learn.

Shipping List

  • RED BOARD UNO R3 Board With USB Cable x1
  • plate number Breadboard x1
  • Remote Controller 1x
  • LCD1602 x1
  • LED Blue,Yellow,Red(5pcs/each) x15
  • A digital tube x1
  • four digital tube x1
  • SG90 Servo Motor x1
  • Section six battery pack for 5 x1
  • Receiving head elements x1
  • fire element x1
  • The LM35 element x1
  • ball bearing components x2
  • Photosensitive resistance element x3
  • Three color plug-in components x1
  • 74HC595N IC x1
  • Resistor 1k(5pcs), 10k(5pcs), 220R(8pcs) x1
  • small square buttons with yellow hat x4
  • active buzzer component x1
  • The passive components buzzer x1
  • 1302 clock x1
  • Temperature and humidity sensor x1
  • MINI white bread plate x1
  • Male TO Male DuPont line Grey, blue (long) 5 each x1
  • 1 * 40 row needle x1
  • Nylon granule x1
  • Stepping Motor 5V with Driver Board ULN2003 x1
  • Male TO Male DuPont line red, yellow,black,green (short)5 each x20
  • Acrylic sheet x1
  • 8×8 Dot Matrix Display x1
  • 1 Channel Relay 5V Module x1
  • 10Pin Female to Female Jumper Wire x1
  • Plastic Box x1