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1602 Ultrasonic Sensor RC Ultrasonic Ranging Remote Controller Smart Robot Car Kit

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1.The block-style hardware processing method making it easier to undertand and learn.

2.Adopts arduino programming mode, the programs are easy to understand and can be modified to realize different functions.

3.Adopts 328 strengthened controller as main control, users can realize remote control, obstacle avoidance, distance measuring, LCD display, driving motor and servo functions via this single controller.

4.Strong expansibility. Smart car platform is not hard to use. But we can make it into robots with differing functions by adding sensors or functional modules. For example, we can make it into a fire-fighting robot, search-and-rescue smart car WIFI wireless robot and etc.

Shipping List

  • Stepper Motor+Wheel +Motor fixed block x2
  • 100x150x2.6mm perspex sheet x1
  • L298N driver board x1
  • Arduino uno 328 controller x1
  • 5MM car floor x1
  • PTZ x1
  • Ultrasonic module x1
  • Remote controller x1
  • Infrared receive sensor x1
  • Servos x1
  • 18650 battery holder + Charger x1
  • I2C 1602 LCD screen x1
  • USB cable 1M x1
  • Dupont wire x20
  • Copper cylinder M3*35mm x3
  • Copper cylinder M3*6mm x8
  • M3 3mm screw and nut x1
  • 18650 battery case x1