Yahboom 4WD Uno R3 smart robot compatible with Arduino

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Yahboom Arduino 4WD Robot is a perfect 4WD robot platform with Arduino UNO as the core controller. Most of the components are connected with screw and copper pillar, and a few parts are designed with the anti-reverse socket. You can build your own robot with several simple steps of assembling and software debugging, then learn all about Arduino UNO, robots, sensors, Bluetooth communication, obstacle avoidance, and wireless remote control.

In addition, you can also take it further with your own code by taking advantage of the BST-4WD multi-function expansion board, ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth Module, IR sensors and LEDs in this kit. If you want to have an education robot that meets the demands of learning, entertainment, competition, and DIY, it is the best option for you.



  • This robot can be assembled in a few simple steps without welding circuits.
  • The entire vehicle adopts aluminum alloy chassis, strong four-wheel drive, metal motor brackets, and high-quality battery.
  • BST-4WD multi-functional expansion board is equipped with some interfaces of various sensors and communication modules, and it is compatible with two core controllers: Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi.
  • Some holes are reserved in the external structure for users to expand by themselves.
  • It supports multiple functions: Intelligent light-seeking, Color discrimination, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Outfire, etc.
  • Users can use the C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly. And the car is controlled by infrared remote control and APP remote control by Android mobile.


  • Main Controller: Arduino UNO R3
  • Input: infrared sensor and seeking light, ultrasonic module, button, grayscale sensor
  • Battery: 3*3.7V 18650 batteries
  • Distance measuring module: Ultrasonic module
  • Motor driver: TB6612FNG
  • Robot size: 256*183*130mm
  • Programming software: Arduino IDE, Mixly
  • Output: motor, buzzer, servo, platform, RGB LED, fan motor
  • Working time: >180mins
  • RC module: Bluetooth
  • Robot Weight: 820g

Package list

  • Arduino Uno R3 x 1
  • 4WD expansion board x 1
  • infrared sensor & seeking light x 2
  • gray module x 1
  • ultrasonic sensor x 1
  • colorful car light x 1
  • Bluetooth 4.0 module x 1
  • 18650 battery box x 1
  • 18650 battery x 3
  • acrylic chassis x 1
  • aluminum chassis x 1
  • wheel x 4
  • DC motor x 4
  • motor bracket x 4
  • 6pin flat cable x 1
  • 4pin flat cable  x 4
  • 3 pin flat cable x 1
  • servo package x 1
  • motor fan package x 1
  • screw& nut x n
  • 12.6v charger x 1
  • screwdriver x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • IR remote control x 1
  • manual book x 1