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Yahboom Croco:kit sensor starter kit for micro:bit

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Croco:kit is a learning kit for STEAM education. It comes with a BBC micro:bit board, includes 13 sensor modules, servo, motor and fan, and the diamond expansion board with touch chip. They can be easily connected to each other by alligator clips.

Using MakeCode graphical programming, not only can learn programming, but also help children to complete a variety of brainstorming ideas, such as Fruit piano, Analog keyboard, Color sorter, Responder, Traffic lights, Vibration alarm, Pedometer, etc,. In addition, we will provide about 60 courses, which including wiring diagrams, PPTs, and reference codes. From the basic course: about BBC micro:bit, to advanced courses: learning some sensors, to the DIY course: Expand creativity. This allows users to experience the joy of Connection, Programming, and Creativity.


  • Connection, Programming, and Creativity 3 in 1.
  • Rich configuration, including 13 kinds of sensor modules, servo, motor and a small fan, enough alligator clips, building blocks pack and so on.
  • Using a simple alligator clip connection.
  • Multi-function diamond expansion board, onboard 24 alligator clip interface, 4 sets of 3.3v power supply and 2 sets of 5v power interface, and with touch chip to support touch control.
  • Equipped with BBC micro:bit to support MakeCode graphical programming for younger children.
  • A variety of creative games can be achieved: Fruit piano, Game keyboard, Remote control handle, DIY accordion, Color sorter, Watering reminder, and so on.
  • Amazing extendibility and endless creativity.

Package list

  • Micro:bit x1  (option)
  • Diamond breakout x1
  • Ultrasonic module x1
  • Dot matrix module x1
  • Button module x1
  • Rocker module x1
  • Potentiometer module x1
  • Motor drive module x1
  • Photosensitive module x1
  • Sound module x1
  • Color recognition module x1
  • RGB light module x1
  • Hall module x1
  • Vibration module x1
  • Infrared module x1
  • Servo x1
  • Alligator clip x15
  • USB cable + 4pin cable x1
  • Fan+motor x1
  • Battery box x1
  • Battery x2
  • Building block pack x1
  • Instruction manual x1
  • Top-grade packing box x1

Sensor Course Introduction

 Module Name Sensor Course Name DIY Course Name
RGB light module

3.1 Light up

3.3 Adjust brightness of RGB

3.8 Voice control lamp

4.1 A birthday gift

4.3 Smart home system

4.5 Traffic indicator

4.13 Fingertip music

4.16 Magnet testing expert

Button module
3.2 Music button

4.2 Fruit piano

4.12 Remote control handle

Potentiometer module
3.3 Adjust brightness of RGB
4.15 Adjustable music box
Color recognition module
3.4 Chameleon

4.5 Traffic indicator

4.11 Color sorter

Rocker module
3.5 Rocker control
4.12 Remote control handle
Infrared module
3.6 Infrared induction

4.3 Smart home system

4.6 Reception robot

Photosensitive module
3.7 Dark automatic alarm
4.4 Smart cooling fan
Sound module
3.8 Voice control lamp
4.1 A birthday gift
Hall module
3.9 Are you a magnet
4.16 Magnet testing expert
Vibration module
3.10 Vibration alarm
4.13 Fingertip music
Motor drive module 
3.14 Driving motor fan
4.4 Smart cooling fan
Ultrasonic module
3.11 Distance detector

4.3 Smart home system

4.8 DIY Accordion

Dot matrix module
3.12 Happy every day

4.5 Traffic indicator

4.6 Reception robot


!!!Children 10 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult

  • Do not touch the fan blades while the fan is rotating;
  • Do not touch the pin on the expansion board with your hand;
  • Do not place your hand on the alligator clip;
  • Do not reverse the power supply of this product;
  • It is strictly forbidden to modify the circuit of welding this product by yourself;
  • Do not soak or rinse the product with liquids;
  • Do not place this product in a strong magnetic field, and keep away from magnetic equipment.
  • Do not use this product in a high temperature, high dust environment, and keep this product away from fire;
  • Do not put the accessories contained in this product in the month, and be careful not to swallow the small parts in the kit;
  • Do not hit, throw, or acupuncture the product, and avoid dropping, squeezing, or bending the product;
  • Do not expose this product to corrosive environments, and do not use other chemical liquids to clean the product.
  • Do not use the alligator clip to arbitrarily connect the interface to prevent burnout, and strictly follow the experimental wiring.


  • unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, neglect, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, improper use of accessories other than this product, or tearing or altering the logo;
  • Damage caused by force majeure;
  • This product has a performance failure due to human factors.