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NANO Shield sensor with DC port for arduino Nano3.0 control board

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We particularly design this shield to make up the problem of connecting the sensor shield to NANO control board difficultly.
This NANO shield has extended the digital and analog ports out as 3PIN interface (G-GND V-5V S-digital port/analog
port) It also breaks out some communication pins/female headers of 2.54mm pitch, like I2C and serial communication.
Additionally, the power is supplied from Power_Switch self-locking switch to NANO shield after the inputting DC 7-12V to DC head.
With external power input, this NANO shield provides power to NANO control board on the one hand; it stably outputs 5V
(output current 1.5A) to power the external sensor / module by voltage regulator chip L7805 on the other hand. At last, 5V can
transfer into 3.3V via AMS1117-3.3V chip, and led out by pins.
The shield comes with a reset button and 1 signal indicators as well. Two rows of 2.54mm pad holes reserved on the side can lead
out all external interfaces of the NANO control board. The 4 MS fixing holes make the shield fixed on the other devices easier.


  • External input voltage: DC 7-12V
  • Output current: 1.5A
  • Maximum power: 7W
  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ --60 ℃
  • Size: 57.3 * 53.5mm
  • Pin Header / Female Header Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Direct fixing hole: 3mm
  • Environmental attributes: ROHS