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Raspberry Pi 4B Argon NEO aluminum case with silk screen logo

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This case is specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B. The whole adopts frosted process and is made of aluminum alloy. All the holes around the shell correspond to the Raspberry Pi board one by one. The silk screen inside the shell is clearly visible, which is convenient for users to connect external cameras, display screens, POE power supplies and other devices. We will also provide heat dissipation stickers, contact the Raspberry Pi with the shell through the heat dissipation stickers for more efficient heat dissipation. Equipped with magnet inside the shell, can automatically attract the upper cover to close, which can effectively protect the port of the Raspberry Pi board and extend its service life.


  • Frosted process, using modern Space Grey polishing treatment, beautiful appearance.
  • Aluminum alloy material with high hardness, strong pressure resistance and not easy to rust.
  • Screen printing of all holes is clearlyand correspond to each interface of the Raspberry Pi board.
  • Built-in magnet, which can automatically attract the upper cover to close.
  • Heat dissipation more efficiently.

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