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1.6 inch display for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+

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This CPU Info 1.6-inch LCD resolution is 84*48, which can be used in the Pi0/Pi1/Pi2/Pi3/Pi4 full range of Raspberry Pi. It features a 26Pin GPIO pin header design. The female pin on the back can be directly inserted into the corresponding pin of the Raspberry Pi, and the 26 male pins on the front side can be used to expand other modules. The back of the LCD screen has a backlight switch that can be used to control whether the backlight is turned on or off by a toggle switch. The backlight switch can be controlled by the program. Even in a dark environment, we can see the running status of the motherboard. If you need to complete some experiments that require real-time observation of data, such as ultrasonic ranging, temperature measurement, and CPU usage, it can help you do well.


  • Small size and easy to use.
  • 26Pin GPIO compatible design for a full range of Raspberry Pi boards.
  • The front and back of the LCD screen possess 26pin pins, which can be used to connect other devices.
  • With backlight control, the backlight can be controlled by switch or program, which is convenient for using Raspberry Pi in the dark environment.
  • It can be used in extended experiments to display and observe real-time data.

Weight: 19.6g

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  • 1.6 inch LCD screen*1

1.6 inch display