DC 0-100V 10A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Display Voltage Detector Current Meter Panel Amp Volt Gauge 0.28" Red Blue LED

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Working voltage: 4.5-30V DC
Note: The maximum input voltage should not exceed 30V, otherwise there is a danger of burning.
Working current: ≤20mA
Display: 0.28inch Red Blue LED Digital Tube Dislay
Measuring range: DC 0-100V 0-10A
Voltage resolution (V): 0.1V
Current resolution (A): 0.01A
Measurement accuracy: 1% (±1 digit)
Minimum resolution (A): 0.01A
Working temperature: -10 ° C - + 65 ° C
Working pressure: 80~106 kPa
Size: 48 × 29 × 21mm