The ESP-01 ESP-01S ESP8266 Serial Breadboard Adapter To WiFi Transceiver Module Breakout UART Module

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This is a common ESP-01 bakery adapter for ESP8266 serial to WiFi transceiver module.

Because ESP-01 pin alignment is not breadboard friendly and labeled, it is not convenient for rapid prototyping. This breadboard adapter will help you do it.

It is easier to use the esp-01 module prototype.

This breakthrough easily provides clear lead-out silk prints at the top and will be well suited to your favorite breadboard.

Last but not least, we added a 0.1 uF decoupling capacitor, so ESP-01 will always run smoothly and without hindrance.

  • URAT adapter
  • 3.3V VCC
  • 3.3V CH-PD
  • TX RX
  • RX TX
  • Selection of NL CR 15200 baud rate