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WULI Bot Scratch+Mixly STEAM Programmable Robot

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WULI bot is educational robot for beginner to learn the knowledge of STEAM, and it has variety of functions. Such as: follow functions, ultrasonic distance measurement, maze adventure, gesture control and so on.

Exquisite and cute appearance, Ultrasonic big eyes, video camera, OLED LCD screen. Unique styling can inspire children's interest.

It uses a micro processor like Arduino and designed by two kinds of Arduino and Scratch Graphical programming with convenient, easy to understand.        

Support computer web browsers, smart phone and infrared remote control to control the robot car. Multiple choices make it easier for teachers to teach in class and students learn independently.

Provide abundant data. Include WULI bot lesson, XR Scratch graphical programming software, robot control software, the detailed video tutorial of every game. It would be a great choice and perfect gift for them to start their first step on electronic journey.

Multiple Gameplay
Patrol color lamp/Colored lights, Ultrasound obstacle avoidance, gesture control, maze adventure, keep distance, i’m a scout, character display, follow people, picture display, ultrasonic distance measurement, i’m a porter, follow line parking, i’m a musician, bright light take me home

Using XR Scratch graphical programming software to program the robot


  • Program Software: Mixly + XR Scratch(base on Scratch2.0)
  • Input: Edge sensor, Button, IR receiver module, Ultrasonic sensor, Tracking sensor
  • Output: Buzzer, RGBLED, Two motor port,OLED
  • CPU: Arduino UNO R3
  • Power: 2Pcs 3.7V DC Lithium battery
  • Control: WiFi control/IR remote
  • Product Size: 12.5x12x15.5cm
  • Weight: about 500g

Package list


  • WULi Bot body(Built-in camera) x1
  • Customized ultrasonic sensor x1
  • USB cable x1
  • 3.7 lithium battery(built-in) x2
  • remote control x1


  • WULi Bot body(Not include camera) x1
  • Customized ultrasonic sensor x1
  • USB cable x1
  • 3.7 lithium battery(built-in) x2
  • remote control x1