AD8495 ARMZ Thermal Precision K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier Output

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1.AD8495 AD8494 / AD8495 / AD8496 / AD8497 J-type and K-type thermocouple amplifiers are easy to use. These amplifiers will produce a small thermocouple junction voltage is converted to a signal converter (ADC) or microcontroller easy to read. From the thermocouple to the output of the amplifier gain is about 5 mV / ° C.

2.AD849x using on-chip temperature sensor for cold junction compensation. Thermocouple accurate measurements over a wide ambient temperature range.

3.AD849x includes a high accuracy instrumentation amplifier. The amplifier has a high common-mode rejection, common mode noise can be suppressed long thermocouple leads may be picked up. For additional protection, high-impedance input of the amplifier allows easy to add additional filtering measures.

4.AD849x supports a wide supply voltage range. In a single 5V supply, AD849x thermocouple temperature range can cover nearly 1000 degrees. 3V supply, it can be directly interfaces with the low power supply voltage to the ADC. It can also be used to supply up to ± 18V, support wide common mode input range requirement of the industrial system.

5.Regardless of the power rail, AD849x can be easily measured using a negative temperature. It can be used to adjust the voltage reference pin on the output 0 ° C, which provides the flexibility to adjust to accommodate the output range AD849x ADC.

6.Stable design can handle a variety of input actual connection status. CJMCU-8495 can withstand much higher than the input voltage of the power supply rails. For example, when using ± 5 V power supply, even if the input voltage reaches ± 35 V can guarantee against damage to the device. The minimum and maximum input bias current beneficial thermocouple open circuit failure detection.