XRMaster Mecanum Wheel Turret Chariot Version 2.0

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XRMaster Mecanum Wheel Turret Chariot Version 2.0 Support iOS/Android App, iPad, Handle, Web browser, VR box(Not include)

100MM Omni Wheel

The 4WD Mecanum Wheel Turret Chariots can be controlled the movement with forward, backward, turn left or right movements etc.    

180° rotation, 5M shooting range

180°steering gear, all-round fire, no dead angle against, shock experience. And shooting range up to 5M.

Special laser sensor board

The laser sensor board features four sets of lasers and some colored lights for cool lighting effects while being sensitive and anti-jamming.

Blood strip light

When the laser sensor board is hit by the other bullet, the blood volume will be reduced by 1 points(10 in total). when the blood volume is less than 5 points, the blood strip will blinking, as the blood volume is further reduced, the frequency of the blood stripe flashes quicker, showing dangerous effects.

Avoid shock springs

The robot car uses an independent suspension system with 8 thick springs, which makes the movement more stable and reduces damage.

WiFi real time video transmission

Team control

With two people, the driver controls the chariot movements.The gunner controls the turret. Enjoy team battle fun with your friends.

Single control

The left hand controls the direction of chariot movement, the right hand controls the turret.

Long battery life

All aspects of the robot are optimized, making the battery life increased by 300% to more than 60 minutes. And reuse it more than 1000 times.


  • Microprocessor: STM32F4 29IGT6
  • Control Algorithm: Series PID control algorithm
  • Input: Laser sensor board, handle, camera
  • Chassis Craft/Material: Laser cutting/304 Stainless steel
  • Working Voltage: 24V Lithium battery
  • Programming Language: C Language
  • Fort Servo:180-degree metal steering gear
  • Output: laser sensor board, Blood strip light, other lights
  • Power supply scheme: LM2596s AMS1117
  • Battery life: >60 minutes
  • Motor: 24V DC motor
  • Motor Drive scheme: L298P
  • Safety Protection: Anti-back connection of power input
  • Chassis structure scheme: All terrain system
  • Remote control: Support iOS/Android app,PC, PS2 handle, VR(Not include)
  • Size: 410*355*280mm
  • Weight: about 8KG

Motor parameter:

  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Max power: 11.5W
  • Reduction ratio: 1:90
  • No-load current: ≦100mA
  • No-load speed: 107rpm
  • Rated torque:
  • Rated torque: 0.83N.m
  • Rated speed: 60rpm
  • Rated current: ≦0.95A
  • Locked rotor torque: ≧
  • Locked rotor current: ≦2.3A
  • Reducer length: 24L 

Package list:

  • Car body x1 
  • Versus fort x1 
  • PS2 handle(Build-in battery) x1 
  • ST-Link x1 
  • TTL x1 
  • Charger x1 
  • Instruction x1 
  • Several table tennis

Hardware package

Wholesale 100MM Mecanum Wheel FPV Turret Chariots robot car with laser sensor board, color light, support handle iOS/Andriod APP PC