2 Pieces FM Stereo Radio Module RDA5807M RRD102V2.0

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"RRD-102V2.0" stereo radio module (FM Stereo radio Module) high sensitivity, low power consumption, ultra- small size of the FM stereo radio module . Using RDA Microelectronics of RDA5807M ( or RDA5802NM), this circuit fewer external components , the noise factor is minimal. Small size, low power consumption , low cost, simple application , the use of a wide range of advantages. Is an easy -to-use and possessed highly cost-effective single -chip FM stereo radio module.

A: Move DVD, TV, MP3, MP4 and other built -in FM wide-band wireless receiver module.

B: mining, business , campus , residential, tourist areas and other public places, stereo FM radio system .

C: wireless audio and wireless stereo headset functionality.

D: GPS navigation, TV broadcasting systems and other wireless FM radio .

E: high-end game consoles and wireless audio electronic toys.

F: mobile phones , mobile phones, intercom systems, mobile radio devices and other stereo radio .

G: PDAS and Notebook PC and other peripheral applications .

Functional Characteristics

A, using a common 102BC module package , users can directly replace the use , without changing the circuit design.

B, high sensitivity, low noise, anti-interference ability , very few external components , small size (11 * 11.2MM Max), extremely simple to use .

C, 76-108MHz FM band worldwide compatible ( 76-91MHz , including Japan , America and Europe 87.5-108.5MHz).

D, I2C serial data communications bus interface , support for external reference clock input.

E, COMS technology fully integrated single-chip integrated circuits , power consumption is minimal.

F, built-in high-precision A / D ( analog ) and digital frequency synthesizer.

G, built-in LDO regulator , low power, wide voltage range (2.7-3.6VDC).

H, built-in noise reduction, soft mute, bass boost circuit design.

I, 32Ω load high power audio output, headphone connections are direct , no external audio driver amplifier .

J, the application is simple , low cost , cost-effective

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