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3.3V 5V 3 Channel Relay Module 5ma With Optocoupler Isolation Compatible Signal and the the SRE-05VDC-SL-2C 8 pin 5V

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2.Power Supply Voltage:5V
3.Trigger Level:3V-7V trigger
4.Trigger Current:5mA
5.Control Voltage:AC 0-250V or DC 0-30V
6.Control Current:0-7A
7.Function: weak current control strong current (low voltage control high voltage; level signal control mechanical signal)
8.Using Method: this module is high level trigger, on-board pin marked GND(RGND)5V is respectively relay 5V power negative and positive;CH1,CH2,CH3 is control port, high level trigger; that is to say, after module power on, control port receives high level, the relay will be connected