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NVIDIA Jetson Nano Board Acrylic Protective Case with Cooling Fan

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This NVIDIA Jetson Nano Board Acrylic Protective case is specially designed for the Jeston Nano and is made of transparent acrylic. The front side of the casing is reserved with DC power supply, 2 display interfaces, 4 USB interfaces, Network cable and Micro USB interface holes; the left side of the casing possess on-board camera wiring hole area is easy for user installation; the right side with GPIO interface and Poe interface is convenient for the user to connect to the external device;

the back side reserves two holes of the wireless network card antenna, and a hole to install TF card. It also has a anti-reverse cooling fan and supports fix the camera bracket. The overall appearance is good-looking, practical and integrated.



  • Acrylic case for Jetson Nano board
  • Support for installing Wireless Network Card antenna
  • Support fix the camera bracket
  • supports cooling fan with anti-reverse connection
  • Clever opening design, easy access to the peripheral connectors
  • Size:110*88*42mm

Package list

  • Cooling fan*1
  • Acrylic components*6
  • Screw/Copper column *n
  • Rivet *2