8 Channel Relay Module without light coupling 5V

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The relay module 5V, low level trigger
1, the load control region isolation trench region;
2, with power supply and relay instructions, pull off, disconnect does not shine;
3, the signal input signal, and the common terminal and the normally open will be turned on;
4, can be used for microcontroller development board module can be used as appliance control;
5, the control of DC or AC signal can control the 220V AC load;
6, there is a normally open and one normally closed contact;
7, blue KF301 terminals to the control line is more convenient.
About high and low trigger mode instructions, friends do not understand Take a look:
High voltage trigger finger is triggered, it can be understood as a mode signal input terminal and the VCC short circuit
triggered the positive electrode between the signal input and ground;
Low voltage trigger refers to the signal input terminal and the ground is OV trigger modes, can be understood as a way to signal
input terminal and GND negative short-circuit triggered