433Mhz RF Wireless Transmitter Module and Receiver Kit 5V DC 433MHZ Wireless For Arduino Raspberry Pi /ARM/MCU WL Diy Kit

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Instructions for the Use of Products
. The VCC voltage should be consisted with the working voltage of the module, and the power filter should be done well.
. The antenna has a great influence on the receiving effect of the module. It is better to connect the antenna with 1/4 wavelength. Generally, 50 ohm
single-core conductor is used. The antenna length of 433M is about 17cm.
The position of the antenna has an effect on the receiving effect of the module.When installed, the antenna should be as straight as possible, away from the shield, high voltage and interference source. When used, the receiving frequency, decoding mode and oscillating resistance should match the transmitting
. No antenna, please bring your own antenna

Receiving parameters

. Working Voltage: DC 5V
. Static Current: 4MA
. Receive frequency: -105DB
. Size: 30*13.5*7mm
. External antenna: 32CM single core wire wound in helix

Launch parameters
. Launching distance: 20-200 meters (different voltage, different effect). Working Voltage: 3.5-12V, Shape size: 19*19 mm. Working mode: AM
. Transmission rate: 4KB/S. Transmitting power: 10 mW
. Transmitting frequency: 433 92M
. External antenna: 25CM ordinary multi-core or single-core wire. Pin alignment (left to right): DATA; Vcc; GND

Product applications
Remote control switch, receiving module, motorcycle, automobile anti-theft products, home anti-theft products, electric doors, rolling curtain doors,
windows, remote control sockets, remote control LED, remote control audio, remote control electric door, remote control garage door, remote control
telescopic door, remote control rolling gate, translation door, remote control door opener, shutter and other door control systems, remote control curtain, alarm host, alarm, remote control motorcycle, remote control Controlled electric vehicle, remote control MP3, etc.