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Raspberry Pi 4B acrylic case with cooling fan

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This Raspberry pi acrylic case is designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B with a one-to-one correspondence of hole positions. The cooling fan and camera bracket can be installed and are compatible with 3.5-inch displays. The top cover is easy to open and close for easy wiring. When installing a 3.5-inch display, there is no need to install a top cover and a cooling fan. This acrylic case is installed without a screwdriver and has a bayonet design for easy installation. Be sure to watch the video during installation. Acrylic materials are brittle, improper installation or violent installation may cause the outer casing joint to break.



Result: Cooling fan is strongly recommended. When the CPU temperature is too high, cooling fan can effectively reduce the temperature significantly. When there is a cooling fan, the cooling fan can not be pasted( less effective)


Package list

  • Acrylic board *6
  • Gasket *4
  • Screw/nut *4
  • Cooling fan *1
  • Rivet *8
  • Camera Bracket *1(Option)