V4.0 Sensor Shield Dedicated sensor expansion board electronic building blocks V4 for Arduino

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Often used with the Arduino produce a variety of interactive works when a sensor or circuit module. For those people familiar with electronic circuit bread board or universal board to build a simple module circuit is of course possible, but for those who are not familiar with the circuit or slightly more complex circuit in terms of, it seems less appropriate. Using this expansion board can be easily connected with some of the commonly used analog sensors such as light sensors. With this expansion board and the support of the corresponding circuit module, we only need a dedicated cable to the sensor module with Arduino connected, even if the circuit part completed. We need to consider just how Arduino in the preparation of the corresponding program to read the data these sensors pass over the specific details of the circuit by a corresponding sensor module. The V4 version uses the same design stackable, can be used in conjunction with other shop expansion board. Also modify a digital sensor interface line order, more convenient connection of various sensors can be directly connected to the servo motor